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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have created a website but when I try to access it I get a "Page not found" error!
    This usually happens when your website is not published. You can publish it after you are done with the content editing by clicking on the "Publish website" button. That makes your website visible to everyone on the internet.
  2. I can't find my website in Google or any other search engine!
    When your website is first created, we will automatically submit its link to all public search engines. However, it may take up to three (or even more) weeks for search engines to crawl your website and make it appear among search results. We advise some patience as there are no known methods of speeding this process up.
  3. How can I insert hyperlinks on my website?
    To create a link, highlight some text in the editing area with your mouse and click on the "Insert/edit link" icon in the toolbar. A popup dialog will appear where you can choose to either make a link to one of your pages, to a file or to a custom URL address. Click "confirm" to finish.
  4. How do I create a drop down menu on my site?
    To create a drop down menu, you need to arrange your pages in a hierarchy. To do that, go to your Dashboard, select "Pages" tab and click on the right arrow (->) next to the page that you wish to push into a submenu. By repeating this procces, you will be able to create a desired hierarchy of (sub)pages, which will result in a drop down menu on your site.
  5. How can I upload videos to my website?
    W3page File Manager enables you to upload video in H.264 format only (.mp4). Before you upload your video files, you need to convert them to a supported format. You can use a free tool H.264 Encoder.
  6. I often get a "JavaScript Error" page when using the editor.
    JavaScript errors are usually caused by using a third party browser extensions and toolbars, which can sometimes cause the editor to work incorrectly. Try running your browser in a "no Add-ons" mode before using the editor. If the problem persists, please contact our support.
  7. How can I earn money with my website?
    If you have a large number of visitors on your website (see your "Visitor stats"), you can reward your effort by placing ad units on your website and earning some money. To take advantage of the ad units, you need to have an approved publisher account by one of the supported ad providers. Then you need to create a HTML code for your ads, and paste it in the appropriate Ad unit on your website. Your ads will be displayed according to the Terms of Service, which prohibit you from placing more than 3 Ad units on a single web page and from generating invalid clicks! You must also comply with the terms of your chosen ad provider (AdBrite, AdSense, ...)

  8. My question is not answered here!
    Please, contact us directly by using our support forum or send us the question